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White children’s bed

In rooms that are prone to mess and clutter, keep the furniture clean and tidy by incorporating a white children’s bed. Clean lines, a neutral colour and a wonderfully versatile style, you can encourage a feeling of light with this particular style. 

What’s more, white furniture provides the perfect backdrop for accents of colour – something that can be fun and easy to incorporate in your little one’s bedroom!

Childrens Beds

Find the Perfect Kids Bed

Available in a number of styles and colours, but with the same durable quality and sturdy design featured throughout, we have a range of kids bed options to suit the personality and needs of every child. Bunk beds are the best choice for children sharing a room, and – much like our range of cabin beds – when placed in a small room they can make a huge difference to the amount of area left over for playing!

Kids Beds with Storage

Mid sleepers are perfect for younger children and give a great amount of storage space beneath to boot, and high sleepers will make any child excited when they realise they can go to sleep in the sky! Many of our single bed options also have space beneath the bed which is perfect for adding storage drawers to give you extra storage capacity when needed.

Kids Bed Mattresses

Don't worry – there's no need to fret about finding the right kids’ mattress. Each is available as a single – suitable for children’s beds – and we also offer speciality European single sizes for the Stompa Uno range.

Great Value Kids Beds

Our kid's beds are available at great low prices built using the highest quality materials. These beds for kids and toddlers are built to last and are guaranteed to give your child a great nights sleep for years to come!