White Bunk Beds

White bunk beds offer an ideal way to maximise the space you have, and thanks to their neutral colour they go well with all sorts of bedroom designs. Combining two beds into one not only saves room, it's great fun for kids too. If you're wondering about bunk bed safety or how to choose a mattress, take a look at our guides.

Bunk Beds
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Bunk Beds with Storage

Bunk beds make it easy for two kids to share a bedroom while maximising the amount of floor space they have and as anyone with kids will know, the more room the better! Some designs take this even further with more handy storage features, such as drawers and shelving underneath the bottom bunk. Perfect for housing school work, treasured toys and favourite books, storage bunk beds can really make the most of even a small bedroom.

Perfect for kids

Bunk beds are normally made from wood or metal, with a ladder at the foot or on one side providing a way to get up to the top bunk. The top bunk also usually features a guard rail to keep their occupants safe while they sleep for this reason, it's recommended to choose a mattress that doesn't exceed a certain height.