Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket Sprung Mattresses

Pocket Sprung Mattresses FAQS

What is the difference between a pocket sprung mattress and open coil?

A pocket sprung mattress is different from an open coil mattress as each spring is wrapped individually in cotton. This means three things: firstly, because the springs move individually, it will only move when you move - independent of who else is in the bed with you!

Secondly, because the springs are separate from each other, it means that they are able to move up and down easily to fully support each different part of your body.

And, lastly, the whole unit is silent due to the springs being wrapped in cotton – this means no more pinging!

How many pocket springs does my mattress need?

Depending on what your budget is, there are different models of pocket sprung mattresses – the differences usually being the number of springs in the unit, or the top sleeping area comprising different materials such as lamb's wool, cashmere or memory foam. In short, the more springs, the better and also the firmer the mattress will feel. At Time4Sleep we offer a variety of pocket sprung mattresses with coil numbers ranging from 1,500, 2,000, 3000 up to 5000.

What size pocket sprung mattresses are available?

Pocket sprung mattresses are available in all common sizes such as a single bed (90cm x 190cm), a compact double (120cm x 190cm), a double bed (135cm x 190cm), king size (150cm x 200cm) and super king size bed (180cm x 200cm). All of our pocket mattresses are standard UK sizes.

Are pocket sprung mattresses good for couples?

Yes! In fact, there is a strong argument that pocket sprung mattresses are the best option for couples as the many individually pocketed springs provide greater stability and minimal motion transfer. This means couples are much less likely to disturb each other if they wriggle about a lot during the night, especially if they are different sizes and weights, leading to a much more peaceful sleep for everyone!

What types of pocket sprung mattresses are available?

All in all, classic pocket spring mattresses are a higher quality mattress type that are incredibly popular across the globe for their many benefits. The mattress contains a number of individual springs which are contained in small pockets which allow the springs to move independently of each other to provide better support based on your sleeping position and requirements. 

However, if you’re looking for a little flexibility with your mattress, we do have different options for you to explore beside the classic models when it comes to the type of pocket sprung mattress. At Time4Sleep, we have a wide range of excellent pocket sprung mattresses at Time4Sleep, from 1000 pocket mattresses to 5000 pocket mattresses, memory hybrid pocket sprung mattresses, orthopaedic pocket sprung mattresses and models made from a huge array of materials including cashmere, silk and wool

Our pocket sprung mattresses also come in a variety of different firmness ratings to suit your sleeping preferences. From soft and medium support to medium-firm and firmer options, the choice is yours! Simply look out for our handy firmness rating scales on the individual mattress product pages for more information.

Should I go for a pocket sprung or memory foam mattress?

It totally depends on what you’re looking for and what your body needs to get the best possible night’s sleep. Are you a hot sleeper, for example? If so, a pocket sprung mattress will be more appropriate than a memory foam mattress as the former offers much better air circulation to keep you comfortable.

Also, if you move about a lot while you sleep a pocket sprung mattress will be better for you as the individual pocket springs accommodate your movements whereas a memory foam mattress is much better at moulding to the contours of your body in one position. 

However, if you’re after a mattress that is firm, moulds to your shape and hugs your joints, a memory foam mattress may well be a better option for you. Those who opt for pocket sprung mattresses tend to prefer mattresses that feel bouncier and allow you to move around more easily during the night into different sleeping positions. It’s all down to personal preference!

If you really can’t decide, why not opt for a hybrid mattress? Combining the best of both traditional pocket spring technology with high quality memory foam to create a highly comfortable mattress with a medium firmness rating, a hybrid mattress could be exactly what the sleep doctor ordered.

Is a pocket sprung mattress good for back pain?

A pocket sprung mattress can be a great option for those who suffer with back pain. While some may prefer a memory foam mattress due to their abilities to limit movement and mould to the body, other back pain sufferers opt for medium-firm to firm rating pocket sprung mattresses as they provide effective weight distribution which is great for taller or heavier individuals with achy joints.

We also stock a fantastic range of specially designed pocket sprung orthopaedic mattresses to satisfy both your comfort and practical needs when it comes to sleeping peacefully with back pain. The individual pocket springs of these models work seamlessly and in tandem to ensure your new mattress supports your body in all the right places to provide correct spinal support throughout the night.

Who shouldn't buy a pocket sprung mattress?

When it comes to sleep, there’s no one size fits all option for everyone. And although we think pocket sprung mattresses are a brilliant option for many people, there are some instances where they may not make the perfect choice.

For example, if you are of very light or very heavy weight you may find you either need more cushioning or support for your body as the springs cause you discomfort. Pocket sprung mattresses may also not be for you if you prefer less on a bounce with your mattress and are instead interested in one that moulds to the contours of your body. In this case a memory foam mattress will be much better suited to you!

We believe in high quality and plenty of choice here at Time4Sleep, and all of our pocket mattresses are chosen carefully in order to give our customers a fabulous buying experience by not being disappointed with what they buy.