The girl who didn't need to sleep

Have you ever felt like you've had just so much energy, you've not needed to sleep? We're not talking about the occasional night where you have trouble dozing off, we mean just not having the physical or emotional need for sleep – at all.

New Yorker Christina Speirs has quite a story to tell. The 22-year-old has, according to the Daily Mail, not needed a night of sleep since last year. This was attributed to her reportedly health-conscious attitude and lifestyle. Christina was a yoga instructor and rarely went a day without exercising.

"I had a lot of energy. I wasn't sleeping, I was always on the go, I was never tired," Christina explains in the article.

At a routine check-up with her doctor, it was discovered that she had a high blood pressure and very low potassium levels. This prompted a sonogram which revealed what looked like one huge kidney where two should be.

After further testing, it was decided that the mass in her body sitting between her two kidneys was in fact a grapefruit-sized tumour. It was this tumour that was causing Christina to not feel tired, but due to the hormones it was producing, it was also feared to be cancerous. Christina then went into surgery to have the tumour removed.

Christina currently has the all-clear from cancer and takes pills to keep the disease at bay, and as a combination of drowsiness from the pills and the removal of the tumour, can once again enjoy a solid night's sleep.

The girl who didn't need to sleep The girl who didn't need to sleep

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