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Storage Beds
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De-clutter with a bed frame with storage

One of the main benefits of a storage bed is the extra storage space it provides. Instead of using dressing tables, nightstands, and other furniture to store your belongings, you can make use of the space under the bed. This can be especially helpful in small bedrooms or houses where space is at a premium.

We have a great selection of storage beds, available in a range of shapes, sizes, styles and colours.

With so many options of storage beds and storage bed frames available, it's important to think about your space and what you would like to store to find the right style of storage bed to meet your needs.

Storage Beds with Drawers

We have a wide range of storage beds with drawers in the base, whether to the front or side, providing a simple storage solution for those who need a place to store bedding, or just have plenty of things that need keeping out of sight.

Lift-Up Storage Beds

For those who want to maximise their space, lift-up storage beds lift from the base to reveal an abundance of storage as big as the size of bed you choose. All lift-up storage beds from Time4Sleep feature a light lifting system and solid base, making it easy to access what you store within the bed frame.

Storage Beds for Children

Time4Sleep offers a huge option of storage beds for children, whether you want to increase floor space, keep their room tidy or add a desk without sacrificing space, we have the bed for you. See our cabin beds for a fun way to store smaller items, or single divan and ottoman beds for more storage space. Mid sleepers are a great option for adding in shelving or draws and our high sleepers are perfect to ensure a fun night's sleep and space for a desk or wardrobe.

What size storage beds do you offer?

Single Beds with Storage: These beds are perfect for smaller bedrooms and guest rooms. Our single storage beds have drawers along one side or lift up to expose the storage space beneath the bed base.

Double Beds with Storage: Double storage beds offer extra storage space than the single options and usually contain drawers on both sides of the bed base, or you can choose an ottoman storage bed with storage beneath the bed base, accessible by life-up functionality.

King Size beds with storage: King size storage beds are perfect for those who want the extra space to stretch out in bed, whilst also enjoying an abundance of storage space beneath.

Super King Size beds with storage: The largest of our bed sizes, a super king storage bed is perfect for larger bedrooms and whether you choose a divan or ottoman bed option, you will find a range of storage options to suit.

What are the different types of storage beds available?

Storage beds come in all shapes and sizes, and depending on your storage requirements, we have the perfect bed with storage for you.

Ottoman beds: These beds have lift-up storage beneath the mattress. Lifting the mattress is made easier with the use of gas hydraulics, meaning you can get in and out of the storage area quickly and easily.

Divan Storage Beds: These beds are not only stylish but also highly versatile and offer a range of storage solutions. Our range of divan storage beds offers the choice of 1 to 4 drawers within the base or ottoman style storage options.

Cabin Beds: These kids beds are perfect for adding extra storage space into your child’s room. The bed base is raised slightly, to provide a range of storage drawers, shelves and cupboards for keeping your child’s room as tidy as they allow!

Mid Sleepers: For slightly older children, mid sleeper beds are raised higher than the cabin style, but offer even more storage space and play areas for your child.

High Sleepers: High sleeper beds are roughly the same height as a standard bunk bed, but come with added storage and space benefits. Beneath the bed, there is a large amount of room to fit drawers, shelves and desks and many of our high sleeper options come with fold away futon bed options for when your child has sleepovers with their friends.

What are the benefits of a storage bed?

A storage bed can help you keep your bedroom organised and clutter-free. With all of your blankets, clothing and other bedroom essentials stored under the bed, you'll have more room to relax and enjoy your space.

Storage beds come in a variety of styles, so you can choose one that fits your personal aesthetic and decor. Whether you prefer a modern, minimalist look or a more traditional design, you'll be able to find a storage bed that fits your needs.

How Do I Buy Storage Beds Online from Time4Sleep?

It couldn't be easier to buy your new storage bed online from us at Time4Sleep! Simply browse our full range of storage beds above, find the perfect bed for you and in a few clicks you can order your new storage bed with minimal fuss! We also offer buy now pay later options with Klarna so you can spread the cost of payments out over a few months!