Sofa Beds

Sofa Beds

What are the benefits of sofa beds?

Space Saving

Sofa beds are fantastic options for homes that need to maximise space. From small flats to busy family homes, these frames are as comfortable as a compact sofa as they are a stylish and cosy bed.

Maximum Comfort

Forget camping beds of old where you can feel every spring and slat under a poor excuse for a mattress. These days, sofa beds are modern marvels that are completely dreamy to sleep on. Built with comfort at the forefront, our selection of cosy sofa beds will make it hard for you to drag your guests out of bed in time for breakfast!

Sleepover Solution 

You don’t need to have a dedicated guest room to have people stay over. The beauty of the sofa bed is they transform any room into a bedroom as soon as you convert it! Whether your kids regularly have their friends over or you’ve got the in-laws coming to stay for the weekend, look no further – we’re sure to have the perfect sofa bed for you.

Easily Manoeuvrable

If you’re thinking these beds sound like quite the palaver to set up, you’d be very much mistaken. At the lift of a few cushions and a small pull here or there, these bed frames are incredibly easy to unfold and close. What’s more, sofa beds are so much lighter than regular bed frames, so you can easily move them around your home as you please.

What sizes of sofa beds are available?

Our range of Time4Sleep sofa beds come in a range of sizes to suit your needs. We have beautiful 3 seater corner sofa beds which fold out to create a spacious double bed. Alternatively, we have a great selection of sophisticated 2-seater sofa beds and 3-seater sofa beds, which provide ample sleeping space for two when folded out.  For dimensions and measurements, check out our handy Bed Size Guide.

Sofa bed colour options

A main benefit of sofa bed designs is their ability to blend into a whole host of interior design aesthetics. As such, our sofa beds are available in a range of versatile and complimentary colours. These include warm creams, cool greys and alluring blues to name a few.

How to style a sofa bed

Frumpy futons are out. Sleek, chic and stylish sofa beds are in. To make the most out of your new sofa bed, the name of the game is layering. Opt for lots of cosy scatter cushions and luxurious throws to warm up your space and make your sofa bed look even more inviting. Our advice would be to focus on comfort – once you convert the sofa into a bed, you want to purchase accessories that will help your sofa bed feel as relaxing as it can to induce an unforgettable snuggly sleep for you guests.

Want to know more about our sofa beds? Get in touch with our expert team today. We’re on hand to help you find the dreamiest sofa bed to meet your wants and needs. You and your guests will be sleeping soundly for years to come.