Single bed

Looking to buy a new single bed? You'll be spoilt for choice at Time4Sleep. We're experts in the land of nod, and aim to deliver the perfect night's sleep to every customer.

Whether you're after a smaller, versatile bed to occupy a guest room or it's time to kit out your child's room with their first proper bed, our extensive range ensures there's a single bed for everyone. Browse below to view the entire collection.

Popular Single Beds:


What size bed do I need?

At Time4Sleep, we stock five different bed sizes; single beds, small double beds, double beds, king size beds and super king size beds. Single beds are perfect for smaller spaces, or rooms in which you’d like to make the most of floor space, while small doubles can be ideal in guest rooms, multi-purpose rooms, or for kids who’ll soon grow out of a single. Double beds are one of the most versatile options, while king size and super king size beds provide an added element of luxury to your space – wonderful for those who love to stretch out!

Popular Beds