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What size is a small double bed?

A small, or compact double bed is 190cm x 120cm, which is 4 ft across and 6 ft 3” in length. This is slightly smaller than the full double size bed but is still adequately sized for a couple to sleep comfortably. Our in-depth bed size guide is a great source of information relating to the sizing of all our bed options.

What type of small double bed frames are available?

Small Double Storage Beds & Ottomans

Our small double frames are available in many of the same options as our full double beds. This includes a range of high-quality storage beds, including our divan beds and ottoman bed styles, which is available with both side lifting and bottom lifting functionality.

Small Double Upholstered Beds

Compact double beds are available in a number of upholstered fabrics which allows you to find the perfect bed to match your colour scheme. These luxurious colours include charcoal greys, pastel blues & pinks and mink.

Small Double Wooden Beds

Selecting a wooden frame for your small double bed is always a good choice. Made with durable material, our small double wooden beds will stand the test of time and can complement a range of different style choices whether you are opting for a contemporary finish with white wood or going with a darker wood for that rustic aesthetic. 

Whatever style of small double bed you are looking for, here at Time4Sleep we endeavour to bring you the highest quality products at great prices, and with so many fantastic options available why not find your perfect bed today.

What rooms are small double beds the best for?

Small double beds are a great idea for bedrooms where space is at a premium. Not only does it save on square footage, but these compact double beds also make extra room for other furniture or larger items such as sofas, wardrobes, chests of drawers or exercise equipment in smaller rooms and guest rooms.

Can two people fit in a small double bed?

Small double beds are more than comfortable for two sleepers to share, however be warned – if you and your partner aren’t big on midnight cuddles, you will need to be willing to give up a little room for a comfy sleep. If you’re a restless sleeper, or your partner likes to move around during the night, a larger double bed may be more suitable. As such, small double beds are an extra luxurious treat for single sleepers who love that extra bit of room to stretch out and snooze!

What storage options are there with a small double bed frame?

Despite the word “small” in the name, a small double bed frame can still pack a powerful punch when it comes to storage solutions. At Time4Sleep, we have a variety of Ottoman small double beds which provide a handy and concealed storage space beneath the bed. Small double bed frames can also come with built-in shelves or drawers at the side or foot of the bedframe and some frames have enough underbed clearance to tuck away suitcases, storage boxes or the odd stray sock!

What size bedding should I use on a small double bed?

Also known as a queen bed, a UK small double bed measures in at 15cm thinner than a UK double at 120 x 190cm – a UK double measuring 135 x 190cm. A small double can often prove difficult to find the perfect bedding for as it’s a more specialist size than a standard single or double, however there are many brands who cater for this space-savvy bed size! 

For example, while a standard UK double duvet is 200cm wide, a small double duvet is 170cm wide by comparison and 220cm long. However, to avoid any fuss, we would recommend simply purchasing a UK double duvet and cover to fit your small double bed as it will nicely drape over the edges of your bed and come in handy if you share your room with a duvet hogger!

What size mattress fits on a small double bed frame?

For a small double bed frame, sometimes referred to as a compact double, you’ll need a small double mattress. If in doubt, a mattress that measures 3'11" x 6'3" (120cm x 190cm) will do nicely!