Pink Girls Beds

Girls Beds

Fit for a Princess

We know girls can be particular when it comes to making a bedroom their own so we've got a huge range of girls' beds for them to choose from right here. Whether it's a sleeper bed with a built-in tent for playtime, a bunk bed for two or a traditional single bed for a great night's sleep, our beds are loved by kids and easy to put together.

Unique and Special

All girls are different some want a bed that'll make them feel like a princess, others might want something more sophisticated and grown-up. Our girls' beds are made to please a wide variety of kids, and there's plenty of options for making the best use of space in bedrooms too.

Single Beds for Girls

We have a great range of single beds for girls available, in a variety of colours and bed style options. If your little girl loves a sleepover, then our single bed frames with pull out underbeds which make perfect additions to any girls room. Take a look at our Portland single beds with built in trundle for a bed frame that combines practicality with style. 

Plenty of Choice

Choose a high sleeper bed to benefit from the space underneath the bedframe, which can be turned into a study or play area, or used for extra storage. If you've got more than one child (or just want to plan ahead!), a bunk bed is a fantastic way to combine two beds into one. If you're wondering which type of bed to choose or need any help choosing a children's mattress, check out our handy guides.