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Products for Bed Sizes

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Single bed size

single bed size

Measuring 3ft by 6ft 3”, single beds are perfect for a multitude of rooms. Great when you want to maximise the floor space of a guest bedroom, and perfect for children taking the next step to a ‘grown up bed’, make the most of your space with a single bed from Time4Sleep.

Small double or 3 quarter bed size

small double bed size

Small double beds are 6ft3” by 4ft. Their compact size makes them perfect for rooms shared by two people but with little space to spare, or alternatively if you want slightly more space to sleep in than a single bed provides. They’re also ideal for multi-functional rooms, such as spare bedrooms and guest rooms. Browse the full range of small double beds today.

Double bed size

double bed size

Double beds are 6ft3” by 4ft 6”. They’re the go-to choice for couples, allowing plenty of space to stretch out individually and sleep comfortably without disturbing the other person. Double beds also come in a huge range of styles, you can find one you love in the range here at Time4Sleep.

King bed size

king bed size

Measuring 6ft6” by 5ft, king size beds are the perfect choice for those who share a bed but love to sleep in their own space. There are plenty of designs to choose from too, so you can make your king size bed the focal point of the room. Browse the full range of king size beds at Time4Sleep today.

Super king bed size

super king bed size

Super king size beds are 6ft6” by 6ft – so if you’re looking for space to stretch out and relax, you’re sure to find it with a super king size bed. Perfect for couples who like their own space, families who often end up with the whole gang in the bed, or simply if you’re looking for an indulgent bed, you’ll find what you need in the Time4Sleep range - take a look today.

Will it fit?

Make sure your bed will fit the space you have in mind with our handy checklist:

  • Remember to measure from the overall bed dimensions. The bed frame will be bigger than the mattress in order to accommodate it, so make sure you take this into account - we quote the overall external dimensions of our beds in our range. This is especially important if you’ve opted for a certain style, as different looks will vary in overall size.
  • Don’t forget that skirting boards and door openings might interfere with your chosen bed space.
  • If you’re placing the bed under eaves, make sure the headrest isn’t too tall to fit.
  • Try using newspaper to mark out the bed’s footprint, along with any other furniture, to give you an accurate representation of floor space.
  • Make sure you’re not blocking any wall sockets, and there’s adequate access for bedside lamps etc.
  • Double and kings size beds are 6ft3” and 6ft6” respectively, so if you’re taller than these measurements, you might want to choose a bed frame with a low foot end.
  • Make sure you can get the bed to the chosen room – will it fit up the stairs? Is there a bannister in the way? Almost all of our beds are self-assembly, but some headboards can be large and more cumbersome to transport.

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