Below are some of the common primary causes of stress – although anything that regularly makes you feel anxious or worried could be defined as a cause.

Heavy workload or long hours

Taking on too much responsibility, or spending too much time at work without a break, can seriously increase your stress levels – even if you feel like you can handle it. Speak to your employer if you feel like your work is causing you too much stress.

Being unhappy in your job

Stress can come from spending a long time at a job you find unfulfilling, even if the work itself isn’t stressful. It can also come when you don’t get on with co-workers or feel isolated in your role.

Fear of losing your job

This is a common cause of stress, especially for people supporting a family. Unless you have good reason to think your job is under threat, it may help to speak to your employer about these fears.

Life events

Significant events in life – often divorces and deaths, but also births, weddings and moving house – can cause ongoing stress due to the emotions and upheaval associated with them. Counselling can help you to cope with these stressful times.

Man attending funeral

Man suffering from financial pressure

Financial pressure

Being in debt or being uncertain about how you will meet your financial obligations is a major cause of stress, particularly if it makes you fear for your future. Many debt resolution charities will be able to advise you on dealing with the stress.

Traumatic events

Things like burglary, being mugged or witnessing a fatal accident can leave psychological marks that make you feel stressed in your everyday life long after it is over. Again, counselling can be a great help in dealing with this.