Michelle Obama

Living such a high-profile lifestyle can be difficult, and according to an interview with Marie Claire, Michelle Obama finds exercise to be the key to de-stressing.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle and exercising regularly can be a great stress-buster. Going for a run after a busy day, or relaxing with a yoga class can really help put your mind at ease.

Brad Pitt

When feeling the pressures of daily life, Brad Pitt finds relaxation in his hobbies. In an interview with Parade, Brad talks about how he finds architecture to be a great way to calm down. He talks about how he looks for structural projects around his home to concentrate on, switching himself off from his worries.

Focusing on other projects and hobbies can often be a great way to target your thoughts towards something else for a while. This can help you to put your worries into perspective, and approach them more calmly than before.

Dr Christian Jessen

Well known for his leading role on Channel 4’s Embarrassing Bodies, Dr Christian advises that when it comes to sleep, it’s important not to stress about getting a full eight hours. Most adults will find they need between seven to nine hours a night, but the key thing is that you wake up feeling rested.

Dr Christian also gives some great advice on dealing with stress when speaking to Psychologies Magazine. From taking up a hobby to making a list of worries, he discusses the many options for dealing with a stressed state of mind. In the interview he also talks about how important it is to avoid bottling up feelings. He states that venting your problems to a friend or relative can often be very calming.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner

In an interview with Huff Post Teen, Kim Kardashian’s younger sisters chat about how they like to unwind when their schedules get a little too hectic. The pair talk about how they like to listen to music or have some alone time, and also chat about how meditation can be useful.

Meditating, having alone time and listening to music are all great ways to relax and de-stress. Having time to collect your thoughts can only help to induce a good night’s sleep.

Russell Brand

When talking to the LA Times, Russell Brand speaks of his love of meditation, and how it helps him to see some aspects of his life as simply not so important.

Meditation refers to the practice that promotes relaxation, mindfulness and patience among much more. Spending some time meditating before bed can help you prepare for sleep. If you often find yourself awake at night with a mind full of thoughts, meditating to some soothing music can help you organise them, maintaining a state of calm to help you drift off.

Taylor Swift

Speaking to ELLE Magazine, Taylor Swift explains that writing songs is what helps her to understand unpleasant emotions.

Sometimes, a great way to de-stress is to write down all the thoughts that prevent you from relaxing. This can help you to make sense of the things that are making you feel stressed, and by writing them down they’re no longer occupying your mind.

While many people will experience the symptoms of stress and an inability to sleep at some point in their lives, what is helpful advice to some may not work for others. Sleep is a very individual experience, and at Time4Sleep we’re committed to helping you get the best possible rest. Why not look through our other resources and see what works for you?