“I like to dedicate some time in the evening to spending some time on myself. It could be taking a deep bath, using a posh shower gel for a treat, deep-conditioning my hair, listening to some chilled music with a book – or just getting something extra-tasty to eat.”

“There’s nothing better than laughter to ease stress, so I like to watch a few episodes of my favourite comedy shows in the evening.”

“I’ve been practising deep-breathing to help me relax for a few months now and it really works. Even better, you don’t need any special equipment to do it, although a comfy chair in a quiet room helps!”

“A creative hobby that requires all your attention is a great way to wind down and get away from everything for a bit. It could be painting, photography, playing guitar – it’s great to have something that needs concentration and tests your skills, but in a pressure-free way.”

Paint brushes

Yoga class

“I was finding it really hard to sleep for a long time until I began running regularly. At first I just went for a short jog around the block after work, and now I’m running 2k a day, almost every day. I’m sleeping better and it’s helped me get in shape too.”

“It sounds like a cliché but yoga and meditation really do so much to help me relax and de-stress: not just before bedtime, but in my daily life as well. If you’ve never given it a go before, find a yoga club near you and see if it helps – for me it made all the difference.”

“I always read before bed. Sometimes when I’m having trouble sleeping it helps to stop trying and just focus my attention on something different for a while, and a book’s perfect for that.”

“It’s easy to lose track of how much caffeine and sugar you’re taking in during the day – especially if there’s always coffee and sweets on hand in your workplace! When I started a food journal for a diet, it made me realise just how many stimulants I had on a daily basis. Cutting down on these really improved my sleep.”