Plants for the bedroom to improve your sleep

Jonathan Warren

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Plants for the bedroom to improve your sleep

Bringing the outside into your bedroom design might look beautiful, but plants in the bedroom also carry some incredible health and wellbeing benefits too.

From plants to help you sleep, to air purifying plants and mood-boosting botanicals, read on for our pick of the best bedroom plants and where to put them.

What are good plants for the bedroom?

When searching for new plants for your bedroom, you need to do some research first. You need to ensure the botanicals you’re bringing into your sleeping space are safe for both you, your family and your pets if you have any. We’ll outline the best species below, but as a headline, opt for plants that are not toxic for pets, have air purifying qualities and are allergy friendly!

What are the best plants to have in your bedroom?

From air purification to mood-boosting qualities, better sleep and much, much more, our selection of the best bedroom plants are blooming with benefits! Here are our top picks.

Snake Plant

Also known as ‘mother-in-law’s tongue’ (no comment), the humble snake plant converts carbon dioxide into oxygen throughout the night to promote better sleep. A natural air purifier, this trendy plant removes harmful chemicals from the air which can cause respiratory issues, such as xylene, formaldehyde and benzene. It’s even on NASA’s list of the top air purifying plants and is a particularly good choice for those who suffer from allergies! 


It’s no secret that lavender has long been regarded as a sleep inducing plant. From pillow sprays to essential oils and dried leaves under the pillow, lavender is an incredible aid for relaxation, stress relief and deep sleep. Bring a blooming lavender plant into your bedroom and expect to benefit from its mood-boosting, relaxing qualities given off from their fragrant oils. Plus, research has also shown that lavender can reduce blood pressure and heart rate, which is especially good for those who struggle with anxiety come nighttime. 


As well as emitting oxygen during the night and purifying the air, aloe vera is famous for its ability to soothe skin irritations, including dry skin, minor scrapes and burns. Talk about health benefits! And what’s more, aloe vera is a very hands off plant in regard to upkeep as it doesn’t require frequent watering. All it asks for is bright light, so it’s best to keep either on or very near to your windowsill.


Jasmine’s beauty is two-fold. Its stunning small white flowers emit the sweetest and most tantalising scent, known for its relaxation benefits – as well as being a natural air freshener! As such, a jasmine plant in the bedroom is a great idea if you’re looking for greenery that can lower anxiety levels for better sleep quality.

Golden Pothos

The pothos is a powerhouse when it comes to air purification and looks gorgeous in any bedroom space. However, be warned, if you have children or pets, it’s imperative to keep this plant out of reach in a hanging basket as it can be harmful if ingested. Other benefits include low maintenance, Instagram-worthiness and its ability to remove harmful toxins from the air for improved sleep and health.

Areca Palm

Like many of the other plants for the bedroom featured on our list, the areca palm is a magnificent air purifier in its ability to remove toxins from your sleeping environment. However, the areca palm is also a natural humidifier, meaning this plant has the ability to ensure your air quality is the best it can be all night long. As such, this plant should be at the top of the list for sinus-sufferers and those with allergies. Plus, if you’re looking to add a bit of exotic charm into your bedroom’s interior design, the tropical chic areca palm is the plant for you!


Where to put plants in the bedroom

So, now you’ve identified good plants for your bedroom, where do you put them? Here are some of our top tips.

On a windowsill

Firstly, have a look at the care requirements for the plants you’ve chosen. If they need lots of light and your room isn’t particularly bright across the whole space, let them thrive in natural light on your windowsill! Not only will it give them what they need, but their leaves and blossoms will look stunning while basking in the sun.

In a hanging basket

If you’ve purchased a plant such as the pothos mentioned above that needs to be out of reach, a hanging basket affixed to your ceiling is a great idea. Not only is it practical for keeping kids and animals safe from harmful plants, but hanging baskets look beautiful from an aesthetic perspective and ensure you’re not taking up any precious floorspace!

On a side table

Incorporate your bedroom plants into your interior design by placing on side tables with your books, trinkets and other bits and bobs – you won’t regret it. Botanicals are a fantastic way of adding texture, light, shade and colour to boost visual interest in any bedroom aesthetic. From a health angle, why not place your new plant on a table next to a desk or workspace in your bedroom to ensure you’re benefiting from its air filtration qualities when you need it most? 

In floor pots

If you’re lucky enough to have room to play with in your bedroom, a floor plant is brilliant for adding a sense of homeliness to your space and filling in any bare and unused corners. Opt for an illustrative indoor-friendly pot which matches your interior design and play with shapes, colours and textures. Floor plants are a great way to add some balance to your bedroom.

On a floating shelf

Similarly to hanging plants, floating shelves are a great place for plants in the bedroom. Not only will they not take up any real estate, but they look great amongst other decorative items to add some layering and interest to your space.

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