Botanical Bedroom Ideas

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Botanical Bedroom Ideas

A botanical bedroom is all the rage in the interior design space, and it’s not hard to see why. Light, airy, vibrant and soothing, botanical decor is naturally calming and looks rather wonderful too!

Here, we take a look at some of the most popular botanical bedroom ideas – from floral prints to colour palettes and wooden furniture, as well as which houseplants are best for the bedroom and their benefits.

What are the Benefits of Having Plants in Your Bedroom?

While plants may look beautiful, they offer a whole host of health benefits too! One of the biggest pros of having certain plants in your bedroom is that they can purify the air, with a 1989 NASA study showing that household greenery can help to remove harmful chemicals and even airborne mould from your sleeping environment! What’s more, as well as purifying the air, plants such as snake plants, orchids and aloe vera give off oxygen at night time that help you to breathe better and achieve a more restful sleep.

But as well as having physical benefits for the body, houseplants in the bedroom offer wonderful mental health benefits. Research has shown that plants can improve concentration and productivity, and also relieve pent up stress and anxiety. Bringing the outside in is a brilliant way to create a calming, oasis-like environment that can help to soothe your mind at the end of a long and busy day.

What Plants are Best for Your Bedroom?

Snake Plants

Also known as “Mother-In-Law’s Tongue” (no comment), snake plants are incredibly low-maintenance that filter indoor air during both the day and night. And not only are they one of the most effective air-purifying plant options, but snake plants also convert carbon dioxide into oxygen throughout the night helping you to stay healthier and get a better night’s sleep!


Orchids are also one of the only plants that emit oxygen at night time where the majority of other plants would give off carbon dioxide. Orchids are also widely regarded for their stress-relieving properties as they give off the most wonderfully calming scent and are rather beautiful to look at too!

Aloe Vera

Another fabulous air-purifier, aloe vera is another plant that releases oxygen at night. And if you lead a busy lifestyle, this robust plant is one of the easiest houseplants to care for and can last for a good fortnight or so without watering. Plus, aloe vera is also heralded for its medicinal qualities as its sap can be used to soothe any scrapes and burns so it’s a handy plant to have around!


Lavender is a scent synonymous with sleep, with many bedtime self-care products adopting the scent in some form due to the plant’s soothing properties. It’s sweet scent also helps to induce sleep and create a relaxing environment in your bedroom, meaning stress levels, anxiety and blood pressure can be positively impacted as a result.

Golden Pothos

A stunning plant that features speckled green-yellow trailing leaves, the golden pothos (also known as “Devil’s Ivy”) is a tour de force of air purification as it can filter formaldehyde, carbon monoxide and benzene out of the air. And if you’re searching for a houseplant that can eliminate odours in the bedroom, look no further – the golden pothos is your new best friend!

What Plants Should You Avoid for Your Bedroom?

Aside from obviously toxic varieties such as English Ivy, it’s best to stay away from houseplants that require a lot of care and sunlight which your bedroom most likely won’t provide. This would include plants such as daisies, sunflowers, succulents and other delicate flowering options. It’s also a good idea not to have waxy-leaved plants in your bedroom that can collect dust and negatively impact your air quality, as well as plant varieties that give off CO2 during the night and reduce the oxygen levels in your bedroom.

Best Botanical Bedroom Decor Ideas

Use Colours Found in Nature

Botanical themed bedrooms work best when the entire room’s colour palette is harmonious with the Great Outdoors. Think earthy whites, ivories and beiges that contrast beautifully with your chosen plants, and greens and lavenders for a natural yet stunning kiss of colour.

Go Big with Floral Patterns

Get creative with bedding and amp up the floral factor by layering flower print sheets with textured throws and scatter cushions emblazoned with botanical insects and other nature motifs. Colour wise, play with greens, lilacs and pinks in your soft furnishing to add some warmth and texture.

Play with Botanical Prints

There are some stunning framed botanical prints out there that would look glorious on a feature wall – we love vintage artwork pieces that display insect and flora specimen diagrams. But why not get arty yourself? Practise flower pressing and frame your creations for a gorgeous homemade piece!

Embrace Natural Materials

Consider every detail of your botanical bedroom decor by ensuring you use natural materials throughout your space. Think illustrious wooden beds and furniture, organic cotton or hemp bedding and linen curtains. Not only do natural materials look beautiful and in-keeping with the botanical theme, but they’re eco-friendly too!

Bring the Outside In

Last but not least, no botanical bedroom would be complete without houseplants! Place potted snake plants and aloe vera on your window sills, lavender plants on your bedside table and ornamental orchids on your desk to bring your new bedroom design together. Just think of the beautiful colours, scents and bounteous health benefits! 

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