What do dreams of spiders mean?

Jonathan Warren

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What do dreams of spiders mean?

Seeing a furry eight-legged critter scuttle across the floor in the middle of the day is enough to give most people the heebie-jeebies, so it’s no wonder dreaming of spiders is an unsettling experience!

But what do dreams of spiders actually mean? And do they hold any sort of significant meaning to your life? In short, the answer is yes but the subconscious is a weird yet wonderful thing and our dreams are a wholly individual experience to each and every one of us.

Here, we take a look at common interpretations of what dreams of spiders can mean to help you get a little more insight into why these creepy crawlies are invading your sleep!

Common symbolism and cultural associations of spiders in dreams

As our arachnid friends often give us a bit of a fright, a common association of spiders in your dreams is one of fear. Spiders are not portrayed in the best light in well-known book and film franchises The Lord of the Rings and Harry Potter and are often used as a scare tactic on the popular ITV show I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here! There have also been Hollywood films aplenty, like Eight Legged Freaks and Arachnophobia, which link cultural depictions of spiders to a stark feeling of fear. 

On the other hand, for others spiders are not necessarily something to be scared of. The adored childhood book Charlotte’s Web features a spider as the heroine and, although he doesn’t exactly have eight legs, your friendly neighbourhood Spiderman is a cult hero in comic books and films. And the positivity for spiders doesn’t just exist in fantasy worlds or stories. For example, iIn China, a spider is associated with good luck and Ancient Egypt connected spiders with fertility and resurrection. 

The psychological and emotional significance of dreaming about spiders

As with any dream, their subject matter and meaning are highly subjective to the individual dreamer. When it comes to spiders, a good place to start with these dreams is to consider what they mean to you. Do you have a fear of them? Or are you actually quite enamoured to the little web-weavers?

What does dreaming about spiders mean?

For those who view spiders in the ‘creepy crawly’ category, dreaming about arachnids could have various different meanings which tend to revolve around negative emotions. 

A spider dream can mean that the dreamer is suffering with general anxiety or fear of the unknown, particularly as spiders tend to scuttle out from hiding places to startle us and we don’t always know where they might be lurking. This can contribute to feelings of vulnerability and lack of control. 

The meaning behind dreams about spiders could also depend on what the spider is doing. If you find yourself caught in a spider’s web, your subconscious could be telling you that you are feeling trapped by something. If you are bit by a spider in your dream, this could be because you're feeling hurt or betrayed. Whatever the action of the spider when you are trying to have some peaceful shuteye, if the experience is overwhelmingly negative, it could be time to consider what is going on in your life which your brain is subconsciously bringing to your sleep. 

But dreaming of spiders isn’t necessarily all bad. For some, a spider centred dream could be a positive experience. Arachnids appearing in your dreams could mean that you admire the creativity and patience of spiders as they spin their webs. Your subconscious could be reflecting on these qualities within yourself or indicating that there is a need to strategise and plan out your next moves to navigate a certain situation which has been on your mind.  

Tips and advice for coping with spider dreams

If spiders are stopping you from having a restful and replenishing night’s sleep, there’s plenty of steps you can take so that your eight legged tormentors don’t dominate your dreams. Reducing your overall stress levels will improve your sleep quality, meaning it is less likely that the nightmarish spiders feature in your dreams. You can improve your stress levels  in a variety of ways from limiting your alcohol or caffeine intake to partaking in daily exercise or introducing candles or plants to your bedroom to help optimise sleep quality. Check out our blog on How to Improve Sleep Quality for more hints and tips. 

Should dreaming of spiders be a recurring experience which is causing you discomfort and distress, you should consult with your GP as soon as possible. 

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