Benefits of a weighted blanket

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Benefits of a weighted blanket

If you haven’t heard of a weighted blanket yet, where have you been? 

In more recent years, weighted blankets have gone viral on social media, being dubbed “anxiety blankets” or “gravity blankets” by influencers near and far. This is because weighted blankets have been praised for their soothing benefits. They can make the user feel as though they’re receiving a long, warm hug and help to reduce negative emotions, such as anxiety, which might ward off sleep.

Here, we take a look at the incredible benefits of weighted blankets as well as a few FAQs to boot!


What are weighted blankets?

A weighted blanket is exactly what it says on the tin: it’s a heavy blanket! But it’s also so much more than that. A weighted blanket is designed to have a calming effect on your body when you snuggle down at bedtime to help you drift off. 

As well as helping those with anxiety, depression or low mood, weighted blankets have also been shown to help people who struggle with symptoms of other conditions that can affect sleep or rest too. These include PTSD, insomnia, ADHD, autism and restless leg syndrome.


Benefits of weighted blanket

Inspired by deep touch pressure (DTP) therapy, weighted blankets use firm, controlled pressure and are designed to calm your body’s sensory processing system and release a whole host of feel good hormones.

Here are some of our favourite benefits of a weighted blanket.

Comfort and security

It’s definitely comfort first with weighted blankets. Whether you opt for the duvet or knitted style, these thick and cosy covers encase you firmly like a swaddled baby. What could be more comfortable and secure than that?

Calming effects

Weighted blankets are much more than just comfortable – they act as a wonderfully calming tool for those who struggle with conditions that can lead to stress and anxiety. This is due to the blanket’s ability to centre the nervous system and place it into a state of rest through DTP. Increased heart rates and fast breaths are slowed down, stress hormones (such as cortisol) are replaced with soothing serotonin and the sleeper feels as though they’re receiving an enormous cuddle. Dreamy.

Improve sleep quality

As symptoms of anxiety are decreased and a sense of calm is instilled via the use of weighted blankets, a much better environment for quality sleep is created. Plus, recent studies in Sweden have potentially linked the use of weighted blankets to increased melatonin production – the “sleep” hormone which is vital for a healthy circadian rhythm and a sound sleep.

Pain and joint relief

In 2022, a trial was undertaken which suggested that adults with chronic pain were helped in some capacity by weighted blankets. While not freeing them of pain completely, the study implied the positive benefits of a weighted blanket distracted the sleeper from their discomfort and reduced broad perceptions of chronic pain.


Weighted blankets FAQs

How much do weighted blankets weigh?

The average weighted blanket weighs around 15 pounds (7kg), but the general advice is that adults should choose a blanket which is 10% of their bodyweight for optimal results. But remember, preference is everything so feel free to dabble around one to two pounds your recommended weight! If purchasing for your little one, the guidelines for children suggest their blanket should be 10% of their body weight plus one to two pounds.

Be warned though, weighted blankets can have adverse effects if they’re too heavy. Experts suggest that blankets over 35 pounds (16kg) should be avoided, and if you feel as though you can’t move beneath your blanket, you should opt for a lighter one instead.

What is inside a weighted blanket?

While knitted weighted blankets are made from incredibly dense yarn, duvet-style weighted blankets are filled with materials to add evenly dispersed weight. These materials typically include plastic or glass beads, ball bearings and microfibre balls but could even contain grains and pebbles!

How much do weighted blankets cost?

As with any soft furnishing, the cost of a weighted blanket can vary greatly. While good quality, cheaper models may price at around £30 to £40, other more luxurious makes can cost more than £200. A wise person once said “you buy cheap, you buy twice”, so while we’re not saying you should go for the most expensive option, make sure you do your research and opt for the best quality option you can afford. You won’t regret it. 

Are weighted blankets safe?

Generally speaking, yes, weighted blankets are safe. But as with any bedding that encases you, you need to ensure you’re using the correct blanket for you in the correct way. The sleeper must be able to easily lift the weighted blanket off of themselves so they are not suffocated or trapped, so do not purchase a model that is too heavy for you. 

If you suffer with conditions such as asthma, low blood pressure, claustrophobia, respiratory or circulatory issues, be sure to speak with your doctor first to discuss whether a weighted blanket would be suitable for you.

And while there are many weighted blankets for children, babies and toddlers should not use these products in the unthinkable event they should be entrapped underneath them.

Do weighted blankets help with anxiety?

Yes! Weighted blankets can help with anxiety in both adults and kids. They have been shown to “ground” people through simulated DPT therapy techniques, their firm yet even pressure helping to reduce cortisol levels, increase the release of dopamine and serotonin, and ultimately lead to a better, more peaceful sleep.

What are the downsides of weighted blankets?

While weighted blankets have some incredible benefits, they aren’t suitable for everyone. For hot sleepers, the sheer weight and density of weighted blankets can be too much as they’re not very breathable so be sure to look for a cooling model if you get a bit sweaty during the night!

Many weighted blankets also aren’t sustainably made, so again do your research to find a great weighted blanket that doesn’t use artificial fillers but opts for sustainable materials instead.

Can you get weighted blankets for children?

Yes, you can indeed get a weighted blanket for your children. The general guideline is that they should be 10% of your child’s weight plus one or two pounds.

However, we do not recommend purchasing a weighted blanket for kids under 5 without consulting a doctor as they can be too hot and heavy – bottom line, they’re not worth the risk for smaller children, and are definitely not for toddlers or infants.

How to wash a weighted blanket?

As with any material furnishing, different cleaning guidelines will apply to different blankets so it’s imperative you refer to the instructions. While some may allow you to machine wash and dry, others may be spot clean or dry clean only so be careful!


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