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We sell many types of mattress here at Time4sleep and we like to make sure that we only have the best possible quality included in our ranges. There are four main types of mattress that include:

Pocket sprung mattresses – this type of mattress is one of the most supportive on the market as the springs are individually wrapped in cotton pockets which allows them to move up and down on their own in order to support the bodies shape fully. This also means that the mattress will be silent – no more waking up on a night from pinging noises!

Memory foam mattresses – this type of mattress moulds to the bodies shape by heat sensitive foam meaning that every muscle in the body is supported fully. This means that you will wake up much more refreshed as pressure points that go unsupported normally, will now be relieved due to equal support all over the body. Many of the memory foam mattresses that we sell also have a zip off washable cover which means they are great for allergy sufferers because they can be kept clean and fresh!

Latex foam mattresses – this type of mattress has similar properties to a memory foam mattress but the foam is made from latex which is a completely natural product meaning that it is better for the environment as well as yourself. The latex comes from the rubber tree Hevea Brasiliensis which is a highly sustainable tree. One of the other benefits of a latex mattress is that you don't get hot on them – so if you are a warm person generally then this type of mattress would be a good choice for you.

Open coil sprung mattresses – this type of mattress is one of the most traditional forms on the market. A sprung unit is tied together and surrounded by a solid rod edge in order to make the centre of this type of mattress. Depending on the model, numerous fillings then cover the springs in order to add comfort and the whole thing is then upholstered. These types of mattress are ideal for children, guest rooms or starter homes as they don't cost the earth!

We cater for all sizes of bed on the Time4sleep website and feel that we have a full spread of sizes when it comes to mattresses. These include: compact single (otherwise known as small single or 2ft 6 mattress), single (3ft mattress), compact double (otherwise known as small double or 4ft mattress), double (4ft 6 mattress), king size (5ft mattress) and super king size (6ft mattress).

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