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Products for Orthopaedic Mattresses

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Orthopaedic mattress sizes

Orthopaedic mattresses measure the same as any other mattress, pocket sprung or memory foam. Whether you're looking for a single or super king, you'll find a wide range at Time4Sleep.


Measuring 3ftx6ft3", single orthopaedic mattress will be perfect for anyone who sleeps alone and is short on space in their bedroom.

Small Double

If you need more space than a single can offer, but don't need room for two, a small double is ideal. It measures 3ft11"x6ft3".


With dimensions of 4ft6"x6ft3", a double orthopaedic mattress offers plenty of room to get into the most comfortable position..

King Size

King size orthopaedic mattresses measure 5ftx6ft6", providing optimum support and extra space for partners to stretch out.

Super King Size

Our biggest orthopaedic mattress available, the super king will fit all super king bedframes and measures 6ftx6ft6" itself.

What is an Orthopaedic mattress?

Orthopaedic mattresses are extra firm and offer targeted support for people who suffer from chronic pain. They work by distributing your body weight evenly to reduce stress on the spine, shoulders and other areas, meaning pressure is reduced, and pains eased.

The Ortho Collection at Time4Sleep has been tried and tested. If you're uncertain which mattress is right for you, don't hesitate to get in touch with our experts at Time4Sleep who'll be happy to help!

How does an orthopaedic mattress work?

Orthopaedic mattresses are extra firm and prevent your mid-section from sinking into the bed. This added firmness helps your spine to remain straight during the night, promoting great posture and reducing back pain.

What is the best mattress for back pain?

Firmer mattresses are best suited for suffers of back pain, which is why orthopaedic mattresses are recommended by doctors. The mattresses Ortho Collection from Time4Sleep are extra firm, providing you with the perfect level of support when you need it.

What is the difference between an orthopaedic and memory foam mattress?

Orthopaedic and memory foam are not two mutually exclusive terms. While memory foam moulds to the body when pressure is applied, it doesn't mean it lacks in support. However, it may not provide the full support needed to prevent discomfort for those with back pain. Orthopaedic mattresses are extra firm, but for those who prefer the softness achieved with memory foam, you can pick up an orthopaedic memory foam mattress which distributes body weight evenly while still providing a softer surface. They're ideal for people who need to spend a long time in bed due to illness, and prevent bed sores.

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