Mattress Size Guide UK

Mattress Size Guide UK

Mattress Size Guide UK

Standard Mattress Sizes

From singles to kings - and everything in between - the world of mattress sizes can be a bewildering one! Here, we've tried to help make sense of mattress size terminology and their corresponding dimensions for UK mattresses. (International mattresses may well be different to the information given here!)

Mattress Size? What are the dimensions? Who does this best suit?
Single 3' x 6'3" (90cm x 190cm)

Children, teenagers and those that sleep alone - also perfect for guest bedrooms.

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Compact Double 3'11" x 6'3" (120cm x 190cm)

Ideally suited for those that sleep alone, but want a little extra space, the compact double is also a great fit for couples with smaller bedrooms.

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Double 4'6" x 6'3" (135cm x 190cm)

This is the standard option for couples, as the double mattress affords enough room for comfortable sleeping.

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European Double 4'7" x 6"6 (140cm x 200cm) This double mattress size in 5cm wider than a UK/standard double, and is 10cm longer - great if you want to squeeze a little more bed out of your space.
King 5' x 6'6" (150cm x 200cm)

Sometimes referred to as queen size, a king size mattress is great for couples, and will offer you a generous 75cm space each - ideal for undisturbed sleep.

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European King 5'3" x 6'6" (160cm x 200cm) This European size is 10cm wider than the standard king size, but the same length as a UK king size - ideal if you want a little extra width.
Super King 6' x 6'6" (180cm x 200cm)

Offering an additional 30cm of width to the king, the super king is perfect for couples that really value their own space, or reluctantly have to share with bed-invading little people.

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