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Allergy UK 

 Deepdene House

30 Bellegrove Road

Welling, Kent

DA16 3PY

Allergy Helpline: 020 8303 8583 (from 9am to 9pm weekdays)

Chemical Sensitivity Helpline: 020 8303 8525 (from 9am to 5pm weekdays)

Web: www.allergyuk.org

Email: info@allergyuk.org

Formerly The British Allergy Foundation, Allergy UK is a national medical charity established to increase understanding and awareness of allergy, to help people manage their allergies, to raise funds for allergy research and to provide training in allergy for health care professionals including Doctors, Nurses, Dieticians and Pharmacists. The website offers advice and support to sufferers with leaflets and factsheets available and members also receive a bi-monthly magazine.



The Charity for Healthier Backs

16 Elmtree Road


Middlesex, TW11 8ST

Tel: 0208 977 5474

Web: www.backcare.org.uk

Email: website@backcare.org.uk

BackCare, the charity for healthier backs, is dedicated to educating people on how to avoid preventable back pain, and supporting those living with back pain. BackCare does this through education, information, publications, a telephone helpline and local branches. It also funds research and campaigns to raise the profile of issues surrounding back pain. Helpful books, videos and audiotapes are available to buy on the website and the new helpline service should be available in the near future.


British Snoring and Sleep Apnoea Association

2nd Floor Suite

52 Albert Road North


Surrey RH2 9EL 

Tel: 01737 245638

Web: www.britishsnoring.co.uk

E-mail: info@britishsnoring.co.uk

Helping snorers and their sleeping partners in the UK and worldwide, the association provides information on the causes and also advice on remedies for snoring. A range of books, devices and remedies are available to purchase on the site, providing information on achieving an undisturbed night's sleep.



BM Cry-sis



Web: www.cry-sis.com

Email: info@cry-sis.org.uk

Cry-sis offers support for families with excessively crying, sleepless and demanding babies. There is a section aimed specifically at providing information to parents or guardians who are struggling to get their children to sleep plus a comprehensive list of available books on the subject. There is also a Helpline available on 020 7404 5011 from 9am-10pm, 7 days a week.


Enuresis Resource and Information Centre (ERIC)

34 Old School House

Britannia Road


Bristol BS15 8DB

Tel: 0117 960 3060

Web: www.enuresis.org.uk

Email: info@eric.org.uk

The Enuresis Resource & Information Centre (ERIC) provides support and information to younger children, teenagers, parents and health professionals on bedwetting (nocturnal enuresis), day-time wetting, constipation & soiling and incontinence in children with special needs. It offers a range of services, including literature, leaflets, resources, training, research, subscription to ERIC newsletters, and a wide range of products, including enuresis alarms & bedding. There is also a Helpline available for professionals as well as parents and carers on 0117 960 3060 (Mon-Fri 10am-4pm).


Insomnia Helpline

0208 994 9874 - 6pm-10pm every night except Saturday

Sponsored by The Sleep Council, this helpline puts callers straight through to trained nurses who will talk through problems and, if necessary, refer to the right source for further help and advice.


Narcolepsy Association

Craven House

1st Floor, 121 Kingsway

London WC2B 6PA

Tel: 0845 4500 394

Web: www.narcolepsy.org.uk

Email: info@narcolepsy.org.uk 

Narcolepsy is a malfunction of the sleep/wake regulating system of the brain where the sufferer has an irresistible tendency to fall asleep - often in unlikely circumstances - or may have sudden loss of muscle control triggered by excitement, anger or amusement. The website was set up by UKAN, the Narcolepsy Association UK, with the aim of promoting awareness and providing information on how the condition is diagnosed and treated. Members also receive a quarterly newsletter.


National Asthma Campaign, (NAC)

Providence House

Providence Place

London N1 0NT

Tel: 020 7226 2260

Helpline: 0845 7 01 02 03

Web: www.asthma.org.uk

The NAC campaigns for the interests of people with asthma, provides public information in the form of leaflets and other publications and funds research. Its website contains up-to-the minute news and information for anyone affected by asthma and provides a direct email link to trained nurses who aim to respond within 72 hours. The helpline runs from 9am to 5pm weekdays and handles 1,500 calls each month.


Osteopathic Information Service

General Osteopathic Council

Osteopathy House

176 Tower Bridge Road

London SE1 3LU

Tel: 020 7357 6655

Web: www.osteopathy.org.uk

Email: info@osteopathy.org.uk

This service aims to provide help and information to those suffering from osteopathic related problems such as back pain, which can result in a poor night's sleep. The site lists published research and all registered osteopaths by the area in which they practice. Leaflets can also be read on site or ordered free of charge.


Sleep Apnoea Trust

7 Bailey Close

High Wycombe HP13 6QA

Tel: 01494 527772

Web: www.sleepmatters.org / www.sleep-apnoea-trust.org

Sleep apnoea is a disorder that occurs during sleep when the sleeper actually stops breathing due to a tightening of muscles in the throat which awakes them in a breathless state before quickly returning back to sleep. A registered charity and managed by volunteers, the trust aims to improve the lives of sleep apnoea patients and their families by offering information, support and non-medical advice while also sending regular newsletters to trust members. Membership can be obtained via the website, which also lists a number of sleep clinics and helplines to call for advice.


The Royal College of Psychiatrists

17 Belgrave Street

London SW1 8PG

Tel: 020 7235 2351

Web: www.rcpsych.ac.uk

Email: rcpsych@rcpsych.ac.uk

The Royal College of Psychiatrists is the professional and educational body of psychiatrists in the UK and Ireland. The website looks at many related subjects in the area of psychiatry, one of which is sleep. Leaflets and factsheets are available to read on the site along with the option to send off for the leaflets or purchase audiotapes to help with sleeping problems.


Sleep Assessment & Advisory Centre

Web: www.sleepspecialist.co.uk

Information on specific sleep disorders plus other sleep related miscellanea is available for browsers on the website with 'Insomnia Kits' and sleep related books available to purchase. The Advisory Centre is now delivering its service through with the London or Edinburgh Sleep Centres (www.londonsleepcentre.com or www.edinburghsleepcentre.com. Some NHS referrals are accepted but it is primarily a private, fee-paying service.

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