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What does your sleeping position say about you?

Jonathan Warren



Jonathan Warren
The position you sleep in could say a lot about your personality, a new study has suggested. Whether you're a log or a freefaller in bed, your sleeping stance communicates something about your anxieties, stress levels and wellbeing, according to body language expert Robert Phipps. The expert identified four common sleeping positions and what they say about the sleeper:
  • Foetal - arms tucked in and knees tucked up. This suggests the sleeper is seeking comfort, perhaps as a way of escaping from their daily stresses. Foetal sleepers tend to be orderly and conscientious.
  • Log - lying in a straight line, arms by the sides. This position indicates stubbornness and resistance to change. 'Logs' may be more likely to be bossy and can benefit from pushing themselves to new challenges.
  • Yearner - arms outstretched. Yearners are more likely to chase their dreams and explore new things, but can be self-critical and liable to give up if they don't succeed at something the first time.
  • Freefaller - whole body outstretched and lying on stomach. Freefallers may feel out of control of their lives and may wake up feeling anxious, as if they have unfinished business from the previous day.

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