Three common sleep disorders discussed

57564225In order to bring people up to speed with health problems that can regularly affect individuals in the UK, has listed the three leading issues that have a negative outcome on certain people while they bed down each night.

The first is sleep apnoea. This is a condition where breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep and may be halted for between ten and thirty seconds, effectively disrupting the quality of sleep and forcing those who wake up to experience a variety of bad side effects. These include waking with a sore throat, snoring, choking and gasping sensations, sleepiness during the day, headaches, mood changes and forgetfulness.

Insomnia is the second issue discussed by Characterised by difficulty when falling or staying asleep, outcomes of insomnia include difficulty falling asleep, waking up often during the night, waking too early in the morning and excessive tiredness upon waking.

Finally, there's restless leg syndrome, often known as RLS. This disorder results in a strong urge to move legs when sitting still, lying down or resting. This causes greater leg discomfort in the evening, as well as cramps and other muscular problems.

Ultimately, if you face any of these, it is recommended by the publication that you visit your GP - after all, it's your health on the line.

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