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This Sleep Gadget Is A Right Lark

Here at Time4Sleep, we always enjoy talking about fancy new gadgets, especially ones that somehow involve beds or sleep. So without further ado, here’s another one that has really caught our interest.

The Lark sleep system, pictured below, is an innovative device that you strap to your wrist at night. As you sleep, it collects statistics with its micro motion sensor. These stats are then cleverly transferred to your phone via a free downloadable app, and tell you how long you slept for, how many times you woke up in the night, how long it took you to fall asleep and more.

The Lark takes things a step further by being able to ‘coach’ you into improving your sleep. By letting it know about other factors including how you felt after each night’s sleep, how much noise was in the room, and how much caffeine you consumed, the Lark lets users see patterns in sleep behaviour and displays how lifestyle factors are affecting their sleep.

As an added bonus, the Lark device has an alarm device installed. But it doesn’t blare out an annoying noise to wake you up like ordinary alarms. This one gently awakens you with a silent vibrating pulse, ensuring you don’t suddenly wake up in a violent panic as is often the case with traditional alarm clocks. This feature also has the benefit of not disturbing your partner when the alarm goes off.

We’ve read about many sleep-tracking devices like this, but the Lark sleep system easily offers the most features and we cannot wait to try it out. For more information please click here.

lark-sleep-system Copyright: Lark (2012)

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