Sweet Dreams Clayton Ottoman

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren


Bed of the Week

  We have featured Ottoman beds before in our Bed of the Week feature, but we make no apologies for presenting another this week in the form of the Sweet Dreams Clayton Ottoman. We have also featured Sweet Dreams here on the blog as they are one of our main suppliers and provide us with excellent beds in a variety of styles.   The Clayton Ottoman is a new line that we only started stocking in 2010, but it is already fast becoming one of our top selling Ottoman storage beds. There are quite a few reasons why the Clayton Ottoman Storage Bed is proving so popular. One is the fact that this bed is really well made. The quality and craftsmanship that has gone into the manufacture of this bed shines through and it would look lovely in any bedroom.   Visually it’s a lovely bed, but it is also extremely practical and has masses of storage space in the base. You gain access to the hidden storage space by lifting up the side of the bed (see picture) –this requires little effort-and the non slip top means the mattress remains won’t slide off.      Inside the base there is plenty of room to store bedding and clothing or other items, leaving your bedroom clutter free. The extra storage space the Sweet Dreams Clayton Ottoman bed provides is invaluable in a bedroom where space is limited. Finished in a variety of coloured faux leathers as well as Chenille and faux suede means the Clayton Ottoman bed is well suited to any decor.   Well made, fashionable, available in a variety of different finishes and colours, and in single, double and Kingsize bases this bed has a whole lot going for it. The Clayton Ottoman is also terrific value and at the moment there is 25% off the normal price of the Kingsize Clayton Ottoman, meaning it retails at only £369.00. That’s a great price for a luxurious looking bed that also provides ample storage space. Because the bed is available in size ranging from single to Kingsize it is suitable to be used either as an older child’s bed or as a bed for adults.   Sweet Dreams have produced a real top quality bed with the Clayton Ottoman and combined with our low price, this is a bargain that shouldn’t be missed. As storage beds go the Clayton Ottoman is one of the best on the market for the price and we thoroughly recommend it.