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Student beds rife with bacterial nasties, study finds

CC000005A US study has examined the beds of college students, only to find they are sharing their sleeping space with a host of invisible nasties.

A study by SleepBetter.org called Investigates: Fungus Among Us looked at the bedding of college students across the US and found that pillows contained on average 350,000 potential live bacteria colonies, in addition to 91,000 possible live yeast and mould colonies.

The research also found mattress pads used underneath sheets were also laden with germs, with an average of two million potential bacteria colonies calling each mattress home.

“These findings are enough to have college students pulling all-nighters…for fear of going to bed,” said sleep expert Dr. Lisa Shives, who worked on the study.

“These high levels of bacteria, yeast and mould mean that students’ pillows and mattress pads are reservoirs for vast colonies of nasty microbes. Given the potential health issues associated with these microorganisms, this study should serve as a wake-up call for anyone with old bedding, whether or not in college, to throw them out.”

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