Sleep quality tracked by new app

stk31398mlsA new app that measures a person’s brainwaves is hoped to improve the quantity and quality of sleep of its users, a recent report has revealed.

The aptly-named Sleep Manager comes with a soft-sensor headband that monitors brain activity, eye movement, muscle tone and other signs of the different stages of sleep such as light, deep and rapid eye movement (REM), The Express Tribune reported (October 11th).

The signals are then replayed through Bluetooth to the user’s iPhone, iPad or Android smartphone and recorded on the Zeo website. The app also has the ability to wake users while in light sleep, which is useful given studies which found that when awoken during the light sleep stage, individuals feel more refreshed.

Ben Rubin, co-founder of creator of the app Zeo, commented: “The thing about sleep is that it’s not just about how much you get – it’s about the quality of your sleep.

“In general, you want to optimise to get as much REM and deep sleep as possible,” he added.

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