Older people lose less sleep from worrying

Older people lose less sleep from worryingMany people lose huge amounts of sleep due to worry, but new research has found that the situation improves as we get older.

Two recent studies found that worry-related sleep disturbances were most common between the ages of 34 and 60, then steadily declined afterwards. In fact, the age group that showed the lowest level of sleep disruption due to worry was the 71 to 79 group, with no differences highlighted between the genders.

The journal SLEEP have published this latest study, which polled 16,048 people between the ages of 34 and 79. Each respondent was studied between four and eight occasions over a 25-year period, in an attempt to counteract the traditional limitation of this style of study whereby a sleep disturbance is accessed at just one point in time. The data was collected in both the UK and Finland.

Speaking on behalf of all the authors, Dr Paula Salo said: "Our results suggest it is important that general practitioners pay more attention to sleep complaints in people of working age."

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