Lucid dreamers could offer an 'insight into consciousness'

106387634Dreams are our own natural cinematic experience and it seems that lucid dreamers - individuals who are aware of when they are having a dream and can control their actions in them - may be able to give us an insight into consciousness.

In a study of the unique gift of lucid dreamers by Max Planck Institute of Psychiatry published in the latest issue of the journal Current Biology, it was revealed that as these dreamers sleep in their single beds a link can be drawn between patterns of brain activity and the eventual outcome of dreams.

Michael Czisch, co-author of the study, emphasised the great potential that the study has uncovered in understanding a complex element of the human body and said: "The lucid dreamer gains insight into a very complex state: sleeping, dreaming, but being consciously aware of the dream state. This may inform us about concepts of consciousness."

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