Loneliness may be at source of sleeplessness, says study

113729523Individuals who are feeling lonely in their daily lives may experience ‘fragmented’ sleep throughout the night, new research has found.

In a study of around 100 people by the University of Chicago published in the journal Sleep, it was revealed that people who feel cut off from friends and family may find that they toss and turn in bed and fail to get the proper rest they need. Participants wore a device to keep track of their sleep quality and were asked questions about their general health, as well as how often they felt isolated.

Of course, a comfortable king size bed can encourage sound sleep, though the safety and security gained from emotional attachments is one of the best soothers, the findings revealed. Meanwhile, feelings of loneliness can prevent the brain from shutting off and resting completely.

A recent study by to the Mental Health Foundation found that 18 to 24-year-olds were twice as likely to feel lonely than their over 50 counterparts, which the charity said is explained in part by the increasing popularity of social networking sites and their failure to offer friendship in traditional terms.

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