How to Cool Off This Summer

Jonathan Warren

Author: Jonathan Warren



How to Cool Off This Summer

Sleeping in the heat can be a very difficult task; all the tossing and turning can ruin the quality of sleep. Don't worry though! We are here to help you through the summer with these tips to help you cool off during the night.

Creating a Cooler Environment

Before going into the technicalities of beds and mattresses, the first step is to create a cooler environment. The recommended temperature for your room should be between 16-18°C. This is said to be the perfect temperature to sleep in, as higher and lower temperatures can impact your REM (rapid eye movement) sleep, the part of the sleep cycle where most dreams occur.

You can open a window at night as it is cooler during the night, allowing a cold temperature to enter the room. You can also use a fan with an ice-cold bowl of water in front to circulate around the room.

You should also keep your blinds and curtains closed to block out the sun's heat during the day. Blinds such as blackout pleated blinds, which have a thermal lining to prevent heat from coming into your home in the summer months. 

Swap Out Your Bedding

For the summer and hotter weather, we recommend thinner bedding, such as linen, as it is a more breathable fabric than other bedding. It is also an absorbent material, allowing those who sweat to not feel damp during the night, and we know that isn't a feeling you want to experience when fast asleep. The tog rating is also very important, in addition to the choice of fabric. The higher the tog rating, the warmer the duvet can get. For the summer, we recommend a linen duvet with a tog rating of 4.5 or lower. 

You could also look into getting a pillow or mattress that contains a cool gel instead of your traditional memory foam. The cool gel helps regulate the temperature, meaning you're less likely to wake up feeling hot and sweaty, potentially leading to a more restful sleep.

Use a Dehumidifier

Humidity in the UK is horrible in the summer. Humidity can make a room feel warmer, increasing wakefulness and giving you a poor-quality sleep. To prevent your rooms from becoming hotboxes, you can get yourself a dehumidifier. This helps neutralise the moisture in the air, allowing the room to become cooler and helping you have a better night's sleep.

Use a Cold Hot Water Bottle

Another suggestion is to use a hot water bottle, but not with hot water. It sounds like a strange trick. However, if you fill it up with cold water and put it in your fridge or freezer for a short while, add it to your bed half an hour before bed, and it will cool down your sleeping area, allowing a good night's rest.

The summer heat doesn't have to leave you feeling drained. With a few strategic adjustments to your home environment, habits, and appliance use, you can create a cool and refreshing haven. Remember, staying cool can be budget-friendly and eco-conscious! So, embrace the sunshine responsibly and enjoy a comfortable summer at home.