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How Much Sleep Do Kids Need?

Sleep is crucial for a child’s development, especially at an early age. It’s a time when they can reboot their energy levels, their bodies can grow, and essential hormones that are fundamental to their proper development are released. But how much sleep do children actually need to do all this? Newborn sleep During the first twelve weeks, a newborn baby will need to get plenty of rest. Although they may regularly wake up, they’ll typically go from needing around 16 hours in the first few ...

The Importance of Reading a Bedtime Story

Parents everywhere are sure to have experienced their child’s tantrums at bedtime at some point. Whether it’s age-old excuses of reasons why they’re just not tired, wanting to stay up for one more game, or the common internal battle of not letting themselves fall to sleep even though they’re shattered, children seem to have a million tricks up their sleeves to delay heading to the land of nod. Thankfully, children aren’t the only ones with clever methods for bedtimes. Reading a bedtime...

Five Reasons You Shouldn't Share Your Bed With Your Cat

They’re soft and furry, cuter than a teddy bear, and super-lovable (when they feel like it, of course), so it comes as no surprise that research has shown that over half of all dog and cat owners sleep with their animals regularly. But what about letting children sleep with your cats? Arguably feistier and a little less intelligent compared to dogs, are there any negatives to letting a cat share a bed with your young kids? Turns out the answer might be ‘yes’. They can disturb sleep A stud...

The Pros and Cons of Allowing Your Dog to Sleep in Your Bed

We all love our pooches, and having a constant companion is one of the main reasons most people choose to get a dog, but what about letting them share a bed with you? Having a cuddly critter nestled up to you or at the end of your mattress is a divisive choice, so what are the positives and negatives of letting Fido take a step up from the doggy bed? Pros There are lots of benefits from letting a dog share a bed with you, from making you feel more secure to simply warming up your duvet in the c...

Should Kids Share Their Bed with a Pet?

If you have pets in your home, chances are your children have a pretty strong bond with their furry pals, but while we’re fine with them playing with them, cuddling them and taking them out for walks, what about sharing a bed together? According to researchers, around half of all dog and cat owners say they’ve shared a bed or bedroom with their furry friends (some sources say up to 79% of owners do!), but with lots of people against the practice, is the practice healthy, and can it have nega...

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