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Caring For Your Bed and Mattress

Jonathan Warren


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Jonathan Warren
 If you care for any type of item then they will last longer and beds are no exception. The thing is when most of us buy a bed we take it out of  the wrapping when it’s delivered and then do little else to maintain it.  It’s the same for a mattress, it needs to be looked after if you are to get the best use and wear from it. There are a few simnple things you can do to care for your bed   Here are a few tips that can help you-
  • When buying a new bed or mattress make sure you air it after removing the packaging before fitting any bedding.
  • Read the care labels on mattresses. They are there to help you. Follow the guidelines for cleaning and care.
  • Check regularly for any screws or bolts that may have come loose and tighten accordingly
  • Use a mattress protector to help prevent stains and lower the dust accumulated. Hypo Allergenic protective covers are available and can assist in easing the dust problems that cause allergies.
  • Every morning roll back the covers and let your bed air for around 20 minutes or more, to let body moisture that has collected during the night evaporate.
  • Never cover your mattress with a plastic sheet or polythene cover, these will create moisture and could damage the mattress or make it damp.
  • If your bed doesn’t have a no-turn mattress, then you should turn your mattress once every two weeks for the first six months.
  • Beds with upholstered headboards or footboards can be cleaned with a dry foam shampoo if they become excessively dirty.
  • Wiping your bed frame occasionally with a damp cloth helps keep it clean and dust free.
  • If you have a Divan bed don’t fill the drawers  with items that are too heavy. They are designed to hold bedding and clothes, too much weight will damage the base of the drawers
  • Don’t vacuum your mattress or bed. It’s better to use a soft brush to remove fluff and dust as it is less likely to cause any damage.
  • Wipe up any spills immediately using paper kitchen towels or a dry cloth.
  • If buying a new bed frame make sure your current mattress will fit the new frame. A mattress that is too large or too small can be damaged or even damage the bed frame and won’t provide you with a decent night’s sleep.

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Jonathan Warren

Jonathan Warren

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