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Caring For Your Back

Jonathan Warren


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Jonathan Warren
If you have ever had the misfortune to suffer from regular back pain you will know how the discomfort can disrupt everyday life. It’s estimated that around four out of every five adults will experience back pain at some tome in their life, so it is a widespread problem. It isn’t only older people who suffer back pain either. While it is true as we get older we become more susceptible to back pain, it is now also being found in younger people. A 2008 survey by the British Chiropractic Association found that 45% of 11-18 year olds interviewed suffered back pain. With figures like these it’s important to take steps to care for your back to reduce the risk of suffering back pain. People spend roughly one third of their life in bed, so making sure your back is being supported and being looked after while you sleep is vital. For many who already suffer regular backache something as simple changing the mattress can have an immediate effect on easing the problem. Many people think buying a hard mattress or bed will help to ease their problem, but that isn’t necessarily true. A good bed will be comfortable and supportive and that may mean one that is firmer than normal, but not always. The right mattress depends on a number of factors including your build and weight. Everyone is different, so make sure you buy a mattress and bed that is right for you.
  • When buying a mattress or bed always take time to lie on it in the showroom.  Try lying on your side and front as well as your back to see how it will feel. Don’t be embarrassed, it’s better than getting chronic backache.
  • If you already suffer from a bad back, then you should think about maybe buying a bed that is higher than normal. This makes getting in and out of bed easier and can be a big help.
  • Don’t keep a mattress too long. Once a mattress starts to sag and is causing you to roll to the middle it’s time to get a new one. If you are waking up aching, it could be your mattress causing the problem. Turn your mattress regularly, or buy a new non turn mattress.
  • Try sleeping on your side rather than on your front.
There is no one bed that is right for relieving back pain. Every incident of back pain is different and has different causes. You have to find the right type of bed by researching all the options and finding a bed that gives the correct measure of comfort and support for you regardless of its firmness or cost.

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Jonathan Warren

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