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Messiest bedroom competition - top 10 finalists

Our messiest bedroom competition has now closed, and after over 100 entries only one bedroom could take the top spot, and that was Emma Bateman and her son Harry's room!   Emma Bateman - Somerset Emma, from Somerset, has won the title of the UK's Messiest bedroom with this picture of her 5 year old son Harry's untidy ro...

Kids and Sleep: The Problem of Summer Sleeping

We all know that children can suddenly become experts in delaying tactics when the clock ticks around to bedtime! Excuses such as needing another drink, having to clean their teeth or do their homework are all too common. Kids Bedtime Excuses - Mermaids

Tips for staying cool during the hot weather

During the summer months getting to sleep in warm weather can be difficult, especially if opening a window isn’t an option due to noise and hay fever allergies. We've put together some top tips on staying cool at night to help you sleep soundly this season: Keeping cool at night during the summer months is vital for making sure you get those well needed zzzs. Changing your duvet for a lighter one, such as a 4.5 tog, will help keep you cool and comfortable. If you often find yourself too hot t...

Lights out, better sleep

Believe it or not, your body has its very own internal clock. Although those that find it really hard to wake up on a morning may disagree, you naturally have the ability to keep track of time by yourself. Your body does this by responding to the level of light around it, which is why it's so important to consider your environment when sleeping. Artificial light Artificial light is thought to be worse than natural light for stopping you from getting to sleep. It's the blue light in the display o...

Are you at risk of dust mites? Find out where your city sits on the dust mite scale

We conducted some new research in aid of Allergy Awareness Week (20th to 26th April) and were alarmed to discover that 57% of Brits are severely at risk of dust mites due to differing hygiene habits. Breaking the data down by city, we discovered that Leeds is most likely to be home to the most dust mites – with a risk of 65%! Allergy map with logo

Stress and Sleep: How Stress Harms your Sleep

With stress, everyone tends to react differently. Some people love the pressure, while others will do anything to avoid it. If you're prone to being a bit of a stress-head, and often find yourself struggling to drift off for the repetition of to-do lists tapping away at your brain, read on and find your way to relax. When you feel stressed, some of the most common symptoms include feeling low, worried, unable to manage your normal workload and feeling generally irritable. As well as affecting yo...

Sleepiquette: The Dos and Don'ts of Sharing a Bed

Whether you're living together, just stay for the weekends or have the odd visit mid-week, the age-old discussion of the rules for sharing a bed ring true for couples everywhere. If you often experience a 'side of the bed' battle, have a partner with a particularly annoying tendency for duvet theft, or are faced with the ever-present issue of space - we're here to help. Simply direct your nearest and dearest to our handy guide to sleepiquette - how to properly and fairly share a bed, that is.

Sleeping When Things Heat Up

Now that we can officially expect the weather to start improving seeing as the clocks have gone forward once again (we can dream…), the upcoming nicer weather can often make sleeping a little tricky. So in light of this quality sleep conundrum, here are our tips for keeping cool during the night, without resorting to freezing your bedding! Rearrange for better sleep Moving your room around so your bed is near an open window, or even moving to sleep on the cooler side of the house during the su...

Take your bed on holiday with Time4Sleep!

Thinking of planning a holiday, but the thought of having to sleep in a new, unfamiliar bed holding you back? Are you one of those people who love to go on holiday (of course you are, who doesn't?), but really misses the comfort of your own covers while you're away? Well miss it no more, dear holiday sleep-sufferers! We have the solution to all your holiday sleep-related woes. Here at Time4Sleep, we've taken the time to really think about how we can make the holiday sleeping experience all the m...

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