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Bunk Beds

Bunk beds are great space-saving solutions for any bedroom, and Kids love them too! Sleeping up high, having more floor space to play around on, being able to climb down a big ladder – what's not to like? Bunk beds are a convenient, economical way to get two beds in one and many of our bunk bed products include extra storage facilities such as drawers and wardrobes which are great for keeping bedrooms clean and tidy. With a great selection of designs that children are sure to love, Time4Sleep's bunk bed range is ideal for growing families.  Shop our most popular kids bunk bed categories below:

Bunk Beds
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Made from sturdy wood to allow for giddy children, our wooden bunk beds are perfect, whether it be a mid-sleeper bunk bed, a white wooden bunk bed or a bunk bed with storage.

Bunk Beds with Storage

Bunk beds make it easy for two kids to share a bedroom while maximising the amount of floor space they have and as anyone with kids will know, the more room the better! Some designs take this even further with more handy storage features, such as drawers and shelving underneath the bottom bunk. Perfect for housing school work, treasured toys and favourite books, storage bunk beds can really make the most of even a small bedroom.

We have a selection of storage options to maximise space in our children’s bunk beds collection with storage included. Our Montana Mid Sleeper with desk, 4 Drawer Chest and 2 Drawer Quad Unit creates a room worth of storage underneath your child’s bunk bed! Or our Modena High Sleeper with Desk and compact wardrobe creates a space for homework and a walk-in wardrobe, all tucked away under the sturdy wooden bunk bed.

Bunk beds with desk

Our Modena high sleeper comes equipped with a roomy desk that can be utilized for homework, crafts or play for your child, while still leaving the rest of the room free. Built into the solid frame, our kid's bunk beds with a desk ensure that your child’s room has the most space for their learning and exploring.

Perfect for kids

Bunk beds are normally made from wood or metal, with a ladder at the foot or on one side providing a way to get up to the top bunk. The top bunk also usually features a guard rail to keep their occupants safe while they sleep, for this reason, it's recommended to choose a mattress that doesn't exceed a certain height.