Size Matters

It sounds simple but there are a number of factors which should be considered when determining the size of your bed. Whilst there are many obvious factors there are also a few which are less obvious and can be easily overlooked. We believe it is worth taking a few moments now to evaluate your choice.

How big should I buy?

Our advise is simply to opt for a bigger bed as you reasonably fit into your bedroom without compromising on the feel and look of the room. As children most of us slept in single beds which are 90cm x 190cm (3'0 x 6'3). A standard double bed is 135cm x 190cm (4'6 x 6'3) and if you do the maths you will see that the sleeping surface on a standard double bed is only 49% greater than a single mattress yet this space is often to accommodate two adults. Even if you opt for a king size bed it is only 75% bigger than a single bed. In our book more sleeping surface means more uninterrupted sleep and lets face it you can not put a price on a good night's sleep!

Will it Fit?

Ordering a bed and finding that it will not fit or work within the space that you have is a headache we can all do without. Here are a few points to consider.

  1. Always check the overall dimensions of the bed ( we quote the overall external dimensions of the beds with in our range) Normally on a bed frame the overall external dimensions will be bigger than the mattress due to the thickness of the side rails and head and foot end. Different styles of beds can vary significantly in terms of the overall footprint of the bed for example some sleigh beds have big curves on the head and foot end whilst other styles the mattress may come all the way up to the foot end
  2. Remember to allow for the depth of the skirting board, and door openings when planning your space
  3. Check the headboard height of the bed if the bed is located under eaves it may restrict how far back the bed can goes against the wall.
  4. If in doubt try and mark out the actual floor space on the floor using newspaper, if you do this for all items that will be in the room it will give you a clear picture of how workable the remaining space is
  5. You may also wish to check the position of sockets for bedside lights etc.
  6. If your tall remember Double beds are only 190cm (6'3) or King size 200cm (6'6), so if choosing a bed frame you may be best opting for one which has a low foot end.
  7. Finally check the access. Will the items fit up the stairs and round balustrades and banisters.

Whilst nearly all beds are self assembly some headboards can be extremely large

To view our mattress size guide click here.

Divan beds

Divan beds are highly practical as the mattress sits directly on the base no space is lost in terms of a foot board or side rails. These days they also come in attractive fabrics rather than floral damasks, so they can be stylish as well as functional. Usually a range of drawer option are also available and if your looking to maximise storage then lift up Ottoman options are a great option. Remember if adding a headboard you will need to allow an extra 5-6 cm to the length for the headboard bolts. On an Ottoman divan you will also need to allow a little more 10-12cm to allow for the spacers that are used to enable the base to loft up without catching the headboard.

Divan beds are usually delivered in halves with the exception of single size which would be supplied in one piece. Compact Double, Double and King sizes are usually split in 2 halves and are normally split east to west. Super King size are supplied in 2 halves and are normally split north to south.

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Bed Frames

Bed frames come in a vast array of shapes and sizes so it is especially important that you check the external dimension as these can vary a lot from model to model depending upon the shape and style of design. In many instances the overall external dimensions are often a determining factor in making the final selection. If your purchasing a super king sized bed or a particularly large scale design it is important to consider any access restrictions that you may have to the bedroom. If you are tight on space bed frames which have a low foot end can help to enhance the feeling of space within the bedroom. Some style of bed frames such as the Walkworth and Monaco

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For details regarding mattress sizes please see our mattress size guide. One of the key things to consider when buying a replacement mattress is to check the existing size of your mattress. A European sized single, double King are different sizes to standard UK sizes. Ikea and a selection of other retailers now sell European sizes rather than UK sizes. If your struggling for access space in for example attic rooms it is worth considering mattresses which come vacuum packed.

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