Single Bed

Single beds are ideal if you sleep alone and find yourself in a smaller-sized room. Comfort certainly isn't sacrificed either, with single beds promising a wonderful night's sleep. They're the perfect choice for children too, and a fantastic investment that will see them through until their late teens.

Perfect for: Children's rooms and small bedrooms

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Small Double Bed

A wise choice for couples in a home that's short on space, the small double is a convenient solution for those that don't mind sleeping a little bit closer together. The small double bed is becoming increasingly popular with people who sleep alone too (particularly with growing teens), as the extra space is great for stretching out!

Perfect for: Small bedrooms and teenagers’ rooms

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Double Bed

The go-to choice for couples, the double bed provides enough room for both people to happily sleep next to each other without any disturbances. Popular for a good reason, you'll find a wide range of double-bed styles within our range.

Perfect for: Couples' bedrooms and master bedrooms

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King Bed

When it comes to sharing a bed, the more space on offer the better. King size beds give you that little bit extra space, increasing comfort levels that almost guarantee an uninterrupted night's sleep for the both of you. Choosing a more extravagant design can help the bed to become a focal point in the room too!

Perfect for: Master bedrooms

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Super King Bed

If you're not short on space, you might want to treat yourself to a luxurious super king bed. The ultimate bed for comfort, the super king can become a real statement piece in a bedroom. You might even forget you're sleeping next to someone with so much free space!

Perfect for: Master bedrooms with plenty of space

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Once you've found your perfect frame, you'll need to buy the correct mattress. Our expert mattress size guide will help you choose the perfect one for your needs - take a look here.

Why Size Really Does Matter

There are many factors that should be considered when it comes to choosing your bed's size, and it's important to take some time to assess the dimensions of each type of bed before you make a purchase.

Bed size can make a world of difference, both to the quality of your sleep and to the overall design of your bedroom. Comfort is always a top priority, so you'll want to make sure you have enough space to completely relax and stretch out. If you're buying for a young child, don't forget that they'll need space to grow too!

As for style, the incorrect bed size can really spoil a room's design. Too large, and you'll find the space feels overcrowded and uncomfortable. Too small, and your bed will be swamped and look out of place.

Will it Fit?

Ordering a bed and finding that it will not fit or work within the space that you have is a headache we can all do without. Here are a few points to consider.

  1. Always check the overall dimensions of the bed ( we quote the overall external dimensions of the beds with in our range) Normally on a bed frame the overall external dimensions will be bigger than the mattress due to the thickness of the side rails and head and foot end. Different styles of beds can vary significantly in terms of the overall footprint of the bed for example some sleigh beds have big curves on the head and foot end whilst other styles the mattress may come all the way up to the foot end.

  2. Remember to allow for the depth of the skirting board, and door openings when planning your space.

  3. Check the headboard height of the bed if the bed is located under eaves it may restrict how far back the bed can goes against the wall.

  1. If in doubt try and mark out the actual floor space on the floor using newspaper, if you do this for all items that will be in the room it will give you a clear picture of how workable the remaining space is.

  2. You may also wish to check the position of sockets for bedside lights etc.

  3. If your tall remember Double beds are only 190cm (6'3) or King size 200cm (6'6), so if choosing a bed frame you may be best opting for one which has a low foot end.

  4. Finally check the access. Will the items fit up the stairs and round balustrades and banisters.

Whilst nearly all beds are self-assembly some headboards can be extremely large.

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