Antique King Size Beds

If you’re looking to add the finishing touches to an elegant and classy bedroom décor, our French style king size beds are the perfect option. With options ranging from brass framed or solid oak sleigh through to rattan, you can find the perfect centrepiece for your bedroom right here. Not only that, once you climb inside one of our French king size beds, you’ll find pure luxury and comfort

Antique Style Beds
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Antique-style beds are ever popular thanks mainly to their appearance. These particular designs hold a timeless beauty, looking either traditional or modern, depending on their particular surroundings. They're also crafted out of either hardwood or metal – two durable materials will that last for almost as long as the popularity of the style itself!

Time 4 Sleep stock two particular styles of antique-style beds. The first are influenced by the Victorian era, and tend to have a very simple style, with clean lines, moulded detailing, and headboards and foot-ends that feature curved top rails. This style fits in well with any surrounding décor, thanks to its characteristic simplicity.

The second takes notes from the French Romantic period. These Romance designs feature more ornate, curvaceous detailing throughout their often wooden forms. Some are also finished in metallic, for customers looking for a more modern, contemporary style.

Our antique ranges are available in a vast number of different colours. Metals including brass, nickel, or opulent golden tones are ready and waiting to give your bedroom a sleek touch, and white, black, ivory and grey wooden beds are also available - perfect for any existing design.

Here you'll find some of the best beds, made by the bed manufacturers you can trust, in an assortment of sizes. What's more, all can be delivered to you in a quick timeframe by our helpful experts. Browse through our collection and find the right bed for you!