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Mattresses incorporating Outlast technology continuously interact with the unique microclimate of the human body and the environment to moderate temperature from being too hot or too cold to being just right.

The human body naturally sweats to cool the skin, reducing the ability of clothing, footwear and bedding to keep the body dry and comfortable. Outlast technology, conversely, will keep individuals comfortable by absorbing body heat when too much is created, thereby diminishing the amount of moisture.

Outlast technology's phase change materials (PCMs), incorporated into clothing, interact with the skin's temperature to provide a buffer against temperature swings. PCMs are materials that can absorb, store and release heat while the material changes from solid to liquid and back to solid. This is known as a phase change. Water changing from solid (ice) to liquid is an example of this phenomenon. During these phase changes large amounts of heat are absorbed or released.

Microencapsulation is the process of capturing small amounts of phase change materials in a shell material so that the phase change materials are permanently enclosed and protected.

The protective polymer shell is very durable and designed to withstand textile production methods used in fiber, yarn spinning, weaving, knitting, and coating applications.

Outlast Technologies microencapsulated PCMs (mPCMs) are called Thermocules. Thermocules can then be applied as a finishing on fabrics or infused into fibers during the manufacturing process.

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