Choosing the Right Guest Bed


Olivia Guestbed copyChoosing a bed to go into a guest or spare bedroom can cause a bit of a dilemma for a lot of people. The bed has to look good and fit into the decor and style of the room, but because it isn’t going to be in use all the time, buying a really expensive bed can seem a bit extravagant. There has to be a way of finding a suitable bed that will make the room feel welcoming add style and yet give value for money. So what’s the answer?

Wooden beds can be bought quite cheaply and with so many different styles can be an ideal choice for a guest room. For a guest room where space is limited a wooden bed like the Olivia Guest Bed (Pictured above) with its brilliant space saving design -complete with underbed with spring-loaded legs to turn a single bed into a king-size- is contemporary and very fashionable and only costs £489.00 complete with two mattresses. A bed like this gives you so many options when designing a bedroom and is a feature on its own. Its unique design is a talking point and guests who use it will be impressed by its versatility and comfort. A homeowner’s creativity can be unleashed by making a bed the focal point in the guest room and with many guest beds coming with storage space and in other space saving styles; they can actually enhance the look of the room and make it appear bigger than it actually is.

The Nova Guest bed is a bit different because it is finished in Faux Brown Leather and is more modern in style than something like the Olivia which we have already looked at The Nova Guest bed is definitely more in keeping with a guest bed for an adult and does have a rather luxurious appearance. For a guest bedroom with up to the minute decor this would be a bed we would enthusiastically recommend.

Another alternative of course would be having a sofa bed like the Limelight Lepus available for your guests to sleep in. The flexibility it offers by being both a bed and sofa means it can be placed anywhere within the home as it is also a nice contemporary piece of furniture. A Sofa bed is a great option for people with no guest bedroom as it can be placed in the living room, or even conservatory (if you have one) during daytime and double up as a bed if you have guests staying overnight.

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